Who Stopped By My Room Today?

…a student who I was sure couldn’t stand me. Often surly and hardly ever smiling, I never felt connected to her. She bounded into my room today, a senior with a huge smile on her face and said, “I just wanted to say hello to you.”

…a student who recently returned from Kyrgystan, where he was an exchange student for a year. He showed me their money, his ID card from the university he was attending, and rattled off some of the language he learned.

…a student who was always a fun kid to have in class, who stopped by to whine about the fact that I don’t teach senior English.

I need these little visits, because the first days of trying to connect with a class are hard. I always think that there’s no way I’ll ever adore my current students as much as past students. And of course, I prove myself wrong every year.

I love my job.

One Comment

  1. there's a reason your students come back…they love you!

    there's a reason your students love you…they know you love them. (That and the fact that you are so lovable!) Wish you were my teacher.



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