Explaining the Name

My most favorite writer in the whole universe is Anne LaMott.  I think she and I would be best friends.  She reads and writes; I read and write.  She has rather progressive views on faith and spirituality; I have some progressive views on faith and spirituality.  She is a famous writer and memoir aficianado; I aspire to be such.

So when I needed a name for my professional blog, I turned to Anne LaMott.  I was sure I could find something that hadn’t yet been taken by a million other bloggers, and I did:

“These are the words that I want on my gravestone: that I was a helper, and that I danced.”

A bit macabre, perhaps, but it gets at what I ultimately want out of life.  I want to help people.  I love helping people.  Whether it’s helping a student understand a text or helping a colleague use a piece of technology, I really do enjoy helping people. It’s at the core of what teachers do.

I plan on having regular features on this blog: links I find on Twitter, organizational techniques, self-assessments of lesson plans…my hope is that this venture will make me a better teacher, and maybe even help some others along the way.

And so the name of the blog: Reading and Writing Helper.  It’s what I am.

And when I’m really happy, I also dance.

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