I drove to Connecticut this morning so I could do a little banking business, and as I passed Springfield, Massachusetts, it hit me: two weeks from today I’ll be heading back home.

Two weeks is nothing. Two weeks is too little time to do everything I want–go to Walden Pond, to a Rhode Island beach, to the museums in western Massachusetts, to hike the surrounding mountains. I’ve done a few things. I spend the 4th of July weekend in Boston. Last weekend I hiked in Vermont. I’m keeping up with my reading for the seminar. Today I worked up a syllabus for my Media Studies class, my Honors English class, set up Posterous sites for the four classes I’ll be teaching next year, and posted some documents on the sites.

I’ve accomplished quite a bit, but I don’t want my time here to end.

It’s a lesson I’ve learned since the first time I remember moving with my Air Force family. I was eight, and I cried. The next time, I was about to turn 12, and I cried. Cried again at 13, at 16, then through college and adulthood as I haven’t been able to kick my transience gene. I never want my time in a place to end. But it does. And this one will soon.

So in the next two weeks, the word of order is savor. Savor the readings, the class discussions, the time with my friends here, the fabulous food, and any small trips I’m able to squeeze in. Take pictures, write in my journal, blog.

I love it here. I love what I’m doing. I just don’t want it to end.

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  1. I'm so glad you are having such great experiences, and I always love reading what you write. Enjoy the rest of your time there!
    p.s. We miss you!

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