Food, Glorious Food

I came here fully intending to live on Top Ramen and $5 Footlongs from Subway so I could save money to buy a MacBook. Or put tires on my car.

But the reality is that I love food, and I love trying new restaurants, and Amherst has a million super-cool places to eat.

I do not want to turn into one of those people who takes photos of her food…I don’t begrudge others who do that, but it’s just not for me…so instead, I rely on websites and descriptions.

My first in-town meal was at The Pub. Yes, it is just called The Pub. We ate outside, despite the heat, because we didn’t realize how soon we would come to crave air conditioning. I had a Chicken Pesto Panini, which was A-MAY-ZING. The fries, not so much. But the sandwich…yummers.

Another place we have frequented many, many times in the past two weeks is Bart’s Ice Cream. I wasn’t wild about the sample of Coconut Sorbet I tried, but the Peach Ice Cream: amazing. Three Geeks and a Redhead? Divine. Three Geeks is Coconut ice cream, chocolate pieces, brownie pieces, with a raspberry swirl throughout. However, it has come to my attention that Bart’s is far inferior to an ice cream shop in Northampton–about 10 miles from here. More to come on that development…

Last night a group of us ate at Amherst Chinese. They get many of their vegetables from local farmers, which is why a couple of people wanted to try it. It was tasty. I had the Chicken with String Bean. The sauce is light, which I like better than the brown sauce you tend to get at other Chinese places. Their lunch menu is super cheap, so this just might be a repeat visit.

Then today, I ate at Amherst Creperie, which apparently is pretty new in town. The crepe was a little thicker than I like, but it was the perfect amount of food. I didn’t feel stuffed when I finished. They also have gelato…mmmm gelato…

I still have a list of restaurants from my friend Justin that I haven’t tried, so more food posts to come.

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