The New Place

Saturday, moving day, I felt that all-too familiar pain in my throat that was letting me know I’d be bed-ridden for at least two or three days. By Saturday night, the fever was in full force, the aches, the pains, the sinus congestion…

So I spent Sunday in bed or on the couch, and by 2 PM forced myself to unpack three items every commercial break of the NCIS marathon I was watching on USA.

Today, not feeling much better, I have to go clean the old place. Luckily, I did most of the horrid work last week while packing. Just a few minor things remain. And honestly, the way I’m feeling now, I think I can forfeit some of the deposit money if it means I can lay down again.

But I do love my new digs. Just a couple of minor structural issues need to be resolved…like the cabinet doors that scrape along the ceiling drop in the kitchen…or the refrigerator crisper drawer that won’t open…(kinda hoping for a posh new fridge with the pull-out freezer drawer on bottom)…or the bathroom cabinet drawer that won’t open all the way if a roll of toilet paper is on the roll holder.

But other than that, it’s gorgeous. Here’s hoping I feel well enough to finish unpacking and post some photos before I leave for Amherst in a week…

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