The other night, a friend tried to convince me to unprotect my tweets. Right now, my Twitter account is viewable only to those I approve to follow me. I do this for two reasons: first, I’m still not comfortable having my information “out there,” and second, at times I tweet things that students, parents, or school board members might disagree with.

That’s not to say that I’m inappropriate with my tweets, but in the interest of job preservation, precautions are necessary.

But it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, this idea of “becoming part of the conversation.”

I’ve toyed with managing another blog, dedicated only to my adventures in education. I’d want to make it super-public, because let’s face it–I’m a writer, and publication and recognition is like crack to writers.

I like this blog–I like the cross-section of topics it enables me to write about. And I wouldn’t abandon this blog for the other one. But I’m thinking it’s time to join the conversation and publish my ideas and observations for others to see.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Quandaries

  1. i have a twitter account but i still don't perfectly get how to follow and not sure i want to so i vote you just do another blog and i'll read it. i'd love to read it really. but twitter doesn't do it for me. of course, face book didn't do it for me the first four months or so either.

  2. Write on! I mean, right on! ummm…I mean both. I love your writing, and think if you can handle 2 blogs, go for it! I don't twitter or tweet or whatever the crap it's called, so blog away!

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