Thank Yous

There are three holidays that I just don’t deal with very well: Christmas, my birthday, and Mother’s Day.

Not that I don’t love my own mother, and everything that mothers do, but it’s just one more opportunity to be reminded that I don’t fit in with my culture–and that’s not an indictment against the LDS Church, because even my students often look at me weird when they learn I don’t have kids. And only two of my students are LDS.

So it’s Mother’s Day weekend, and I’m bound to be reminded multiple times about what the world tells me I lack.

But this morning in my mailbox, I found five construction-paper cards. Cards that were handmade, drawn in crayon, and folded in half. They were thank you cards from seniors.

(Before you get all impressed with their initiative, it’s a yearly senior English class activity.)

Cards that told me I was a great teacher, an excellent role model. Two students wrote that I inspired them to become English teachers (should I advise them otherwise?). And one student wrote “You put off a feminist vibe, which was pretty funny at times.” I don’t think he meant it as an insult…

The cards are my own version of the millions of macaroni or glitter-encrusted construction paper cards that will be given to mothers on Sunday morning.

It’ll be nice to have something of my own to read Sunday morning.

2 thoughts on “Thank Yous

  1. I still maintain you are the best kind of Mom….the kind that gets to send “your kids” to someone else when it's bedtime.

    So Happy Aunt's Day. Or Teacher's Day. You get 2 holidays. ❤


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