Lies, Lies

Today’s post is not really a poem, but then again, it kind of is.

A student asked me what my middle name was today.
I almost told her.
I forget sometimes that I need to set a boundary.
My students do not need to know everything about me.
They don’t need to know what my favorite food is
Or who my favorite band is
Or where my first kiss was
Or if I have a boyfriend.

But the truth is–some of the details about me make for good stories.
And some of those stories teach lessons.
Like the time last week I told my AP class about
The One Moment That Changed My Life.
It was in context, discussing Emerson and his admonition to pay attention to

Today’s student pressed again, “What’s your middle name?”
Other students tried to guess
All wrong.
This is one thing I’ll keep for myself.
So I told her,

“Really? That’s pretty. It sounds like a princess!”
Some lies are okay, right?

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