It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated

So I found out yesterday that I was nominated for the Rotary Club of Bellevue’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.

Teachers nominated each other for whom they think deserves a nomination. Those names are culled for three choices, and this Friday, the students will vote to decide which teacher should be named “Outstanding.”

(My name is Julie, though, and I don’t feel like changing it to an adjective.)

At any rate, I’ve been congratulated by peers, and students have expressed to me their hope that I win. It’s awfully nice, but the attention is a little embarrassing. An interesting statement coming from someone who has craved attention her whole life.

It really is just an honor to be nominated, though. That any one person even thought to write down my name is incredibly humbling.

I posted a link to this poem’s text last year; here is a link to the poet performing his own words. It reflects many of the things I feel about my chosen profession. I really do love my job.

There is some language at the very end that you might not want little ones to hear.

4 thoughts on “It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated

  1. nice performance. and for the record, i wish i were your student. seriously. you are still my teacher hero. always. oh and all this poetry stuff reminds me of how the last couple years i did a poetry unit in april because of you – i probably even used some of the stuff you posted – i never could have taught without you.

  2. I wish I were in high school again so I could vote for you! Oh, never mind, I do NOT wish that! But I know that you ARE outstanding! Congratulations on the nomination! love, mom

  3. Hey! I check in on you here and there… : ) That performance just about made me cry! My mother was a teacher, several of my aunts and uncles as well as my paternal grandfather, who was also the principal at the country school where he taught. Half the building was the school, the other half was the home of my grandparents and their 8 children. Now, as a parent, I immensely appreciate my children's teachers. You are in the business of touching lives! Congratulations on the nomination!

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