He’s Not With Me

I have spent all but three years of my life defending my religious beliefs.

I try to share with others that God loves us–His children–and that His son, Jesus Christ died for our sins. I try to live my life in a way that others see it is possible to be Christian–Mormon, even–and have fun, be cool, and help others. And when I make friends who don’t believe the same as I do, it’s fine. We get along, we find common ground, and the real friends end up not caring that I’m Mormon, perhaps even loving me in spite of being Mormon.

But like with every religious belief or lifestyle, every now and then someone goes “off the reservation.” And while my non-LDS friends haven’t said anything to me this week, I just wanted to make it clear: Glenn Beck is not with me.

Or maybe I should phrase that as, I am not with Glenn Beck. For that matter, after Beck’s comments last week, I don’t even think my dad is with Beck, and that’s saying something.

So to my Catholic, Protestant, non-Christian, and Atheist friends, please don’t think I endorse Beck’s call for you all to leave your places of worship. I am sickened by his suggestion. I’m not sure that “social justice” is a code word for “communism.” I’m not convinced that Beck even knows what he was trying to say.

But after defending my own right to worship for 36 years, I find it abhorrent that Beck, in his Fox News character (and no doubt in his bid for the de facto leader of the GOP), is forgetting one of the most basic tenets of LDS doctrine:

“We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege: let them worship how, where, or what they may.”

I am somewhat encouraged that in the few news stories I have read about this, no mention is made of Beck’s religious affiliation.

3 thoughts on “He’s Not With Me

  1. Amen Sistah!

    I'm actually surprised that this man has not faced disciplinary counsel from our church for his hate mongering in general. I think I told you that I caught part of his show once and was appalled at his utter disrespect toward a Muslim religious leader who was working very hard to engender peace and tolerance.

    I emailed him and told him that his actions were an embarrassment to our faith. He actually replied. But he was not penitent. What a surprise.

    He horrifies me. HORRIFIES me. His rants violate more Articles of Faith then the one you mention, and his rhetoric of contention and hatred is not in keeping with anything I know about Trying To Be Like Jesus. I am constantly baffled as to why so many members of our church stand in staunch support of him.

    Not this one. Thank you.

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