Wars and Rumors of Wars

I heard a rumor today.

About me.

Someone Googled my name and apparently found a piece of writing in which I disparaged students and made it clear that I hate my job.

So I Googled myself to see if I could find the incriminating piece of writing.

I can’t find it. Really, I’ve tried looking, and I can’t find it!

(If you do, please let me know. But privately, because I don’t want other people to know where to find it!)

Was it my essay I wrote five years ago about how hard it is to be single? Or my blog post I wrote last year about how hard it is to be single?

Was it the essay I wrote about working in a broken education system? Or was it the blog post I wrote about how hard I work and how exhausted it’s making me?

Was it my thesis?

Was it the State of Utah Special Education reform document that my name is on as a collaborator?

This very blog doesn’t even appear in Google searches.

But just to set the record straight: I have really great kids this year, and I most definitely do not hate my job.

When I worked at Taco Bell? I hated that job. The one day I worked at Shopko at 5 AM? Hated that job too. But this job? No way.

Are we clear?

One thought on “Wars and Rumors of Wars

  1. Soooooooo, what you're saying is, you don't hate your job? I'm still a little confused. Honestly, does anyone think anyone is in education for the money?
    I mean, really.

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