The week after Thanksgiving I played the organ at a funeral for a friend’s mother. I like playing the organ, and I like playing at funerals. I am not a good “time of crisis” kind of person, but every funeral needs music and that is something I happen to do quite well.

I eased off the bench after the opening hymn and sat on a nearby bench to listen to the speakers. My friend’s husband delivered the eulogy, and did a great job. I never met my friend’s mother, but I got glimpses of her through his words.

But he outed me.

As I sat there, listening, unsuspecting, I heard him say that he and his mother-in-law were at different ends of the political spectrum, and that he’d have to choose his words carefully if he wanted the organist to stick around.

I remember thinking that my long-held secret of being a MoDem (Mormon Democrat) was secret no longer. Although, after the service, one woman said, “Oh, like anyone who knows you didn’t already know that.

But then Gallup released this poll and I wonder: do I need to go underground?

I’m kidding. I know where I need to go. Kirsty, Aaron, Amy, and Nathan will aid and abet my political leanings.

3 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I'm still going to have my Harry Reid quote T-shirts made for us all:

    “I'm a Democrat because I am a Mormon, not in spite of it”

    No need to hide, be a Mo-Dem with pride 😀

  2. Democrat, Republican, we're all going to Hell in a handbasket. We paved the way with our good intentions. Come visit me at my shave-ice stand. I'll give you a friends and family discount.

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