5 thoughts on “Happy Frickin’ New Year

  1. Awesome piece. Really. Hope you are resting comfortably after your procedure (the attitude-ectomy) and thank you so much for the sweet message xo Happy New Year. We miss you.

    PS: my word verification:

  2. Ummmm…shall I sue you now or later for plagiarism?

    Not for your piece, for your post title. I have a sent text in my outbox that says just that. And you were the recipient.

    Let me know if you're happy with the cutter that did your attitudectomy…I need one too.

  3. Kirsty–that is word verification at its best. Glad you liked the piece; your opinion means so much to me!

    Deanne–I didn't realize you held the copyright for that phrase. I will cite it next year, when I am bound to use it again. And thanks for reading the article! Glad you liked it!

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