Christmas Wisdom

From Bridget Jones’ Diary, on gift-giving:

“…why not make [Christmas] that everyone must go out and spend $500 on themselves then distribute the items among their relatives and friends to wrap up and give to them instead of psychic-failure torment?”

And on diet:

“For ten days now have been living in state of permanent hangover*** and foraging sub-existence without proper meals or hot food.”

On shopping and co-existing with rest of human race:

“Christmas is like war…would that the Red Cross or Germans would come and find me.”

Or, in the words of a t-shirt I once owned:

Ho, ho, ho
Blah blah blah
Yada yada yada.

***my hangover is sugar-induced and augmented by sleep deprivation.***

One thought on “Christmas Wisdom

  1. I just want to know why I feel like a lesser human because it is 10 days till Christmas and my tree is not up.

    I'll throw it on the ground! I'm not a part of your system!!!

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