Trying. Really.

So it’s December 1st, and work is crazy (when is it not?).

I decided not to drag out the Christmas decorations this year, but I am listening to Christmas music; it’s not really making me feel any more spirited.

I have meager supplies for my yearly baking extravaganza, and usually by this time of year, I have a military-grade schedule of how all the baking will get done.

It seems like every year I become more and more Scrooge-ish. And while A Christmas Carol is not my favorite Christmas Story (Die Hard, anyone? I kid, I kid.), I can’t ignore the message of hope and redemption.

I guess I’m okay with feeling like Scrooge on December 1, because as I understand it, by December 25, he’s all about the Christmas Spirit.

Maybe I can look forward to feeling like this, and maybe it will happen sooner than later.

One thought on “Trying. Really.

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh that is my FAVE Christmas movie! Already watched it twice since Thansgiving:) And you are right…you'll be fine by Christmas morning.

    And how COOL would it be to have Gonzo narrate your transformation?!

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