Thanksgiving Highlights

Tuesday I hit a gratitude wall, mostly because I’m not a fan of the holiday season in general, and I just couldn’t bring myself to write something cynical and joyless and bring down the three people who read my blog.

But yesterday was a pretty good time. Here’s the highlights:

1. Hearing my nephew say, “Oh, you got pwned!” It was adorable. If you don’t know what “pwned” is, ask your local teen. Or, apparently, your local 9 year-old.

2. Rock Band. Lots and lots of Rock Band. Beatles, Lego, Country, Guitar Hero…wow, did I ever play a lot of Rock Band yesterday.

3. Pacing. I was determined to not feel sick when I finished eating, so I ate a roll early, grazed on the veggie tray, and then took teeny tiny bit of everything at dinner time. I didn’t feel like I wanted to sleep (or vomit) after dinner.

4. Cool Whip. Yes, I know it is made of nothing that occurs in nature, but I love it. I eat it with a spoon. I don’t need pie.

5. Fudge. I made a cheesecake that required evaporated milk. Had enough leftover to make fudge. Then I spent some time this morning looking into gym memberships.

And today, I’m in hermit mode. It’s after noon, and I’m still in PJs, unshowered, and don’t plan on heading to Ulta until 5. Hoping by that time all the crazies will be asleep.

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