Being an Aunt

I was plenty grateful yesterday, but didn’t record any of it. Probably because I was shocked that, driving home from Kohl’s at 9:45 PM, I was so tired I could have caused a car accident. So I was in bed before 10:30. And asleep before 11.

And even though it’s only 4:00 (despite the lack of sun making me feel like it is 7 PM), I know I’ll be out late tonight, so I’ll write now.

1. I’m grateful for sleeping in. Didn’t set an alarm, didn’t make a to-do list last night, just let myself sleep. Still woke up at 8. That’s what I get for waking up at 5:30 every other day of the week: 8 AM is sleeping in.

2. I’m grateful for actually spending a Saturday the way a Saturday should be spent. I finished a book I’ve been reading for a while, spent time with my nieces, ran a couple of non-essential errands, made cookies, and will go out with friends tonight. Did you catch that? No school work. At all.

3. I’m so grateful that I live so close to at least one set of nieces and nephews. I spent time with my nieces today (the nephew deferred to next week, I’m assuming so that his grounding from Rock Band will, by then, be lifted and that’s what he’ll choose to do).

Just to give you an idea of how wonderful my nieces are:

Niece #1 and I went to Borders. She headed straight for the Fairy books and picked up Holly the Christmas Fairy and Amber the Orange Fairy. We continued to browse, and a woman saw the books in my niece’s hand and asked where she found Holly the Christmas Fairy. Apparently, we had snagged the last one and the woman left to break the news to her daughter.

Then Niece #1 decided she’d rather complete her collection of Storm Fairies.

She looked at me and said, “Can I get a different book?” She found the family who asked about Holly the Christmas Fairy, and gave it to them. It was quite sweet, and the woman was surprised, but this is the same niece who, at every turn, found something she wanted me to get for her brother, her sister, her dad, her mom. And all she wanted was two fairy books.

Niece #2 and I went to the library, and as we were leaving, she put her arms up so I would carry her. She’s five, but light, so I picked her up and we walked for a while. I asked her, “Why do you want me to carry you?”

“Because I like you!” she replied, and she nestled her head into my shoulder.

It was a good day to be an aunt.

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  1. You are truly just like a mom…only cooler! Now if we can just get you to quit your job and move to Florida, you can have time with a different set of niece/nephews.

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