I’m Still Grateful…

…even though I missed yesterday’s entry. Yesterday was just another crazy busy Saturday, and instead of coming home after stake conference, I went to Kim’s house to hang with her, her husband, and our friend Becca. So I didn’t get home until late, fell into bed, and there you go…no gratitude post yesterday.

But there is one today…

1. I’m grateful for adrenaline. I worked for six hours today, wanting so badly to dig out from under the paper mountain that’s been suffocating me for weeks, because I want to ENJOY Thanksgiving break. Could not have accomplished everything I did without adrenaline.

2. I’m grateful that I spent the time to clean my apartment yesterday. It’s so nice to walk in the door and not feel cluttered.

3. I’m grateful for Christmas music. It’s a cold, gray day, and Christmas music got me through the six hours of work, without it feeling like I was working for six hours. I love music.

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