Gratitude: Veteran Edition

Today’s post, inspired by veterans…my grandma and grandpa who fought in World War II, my uncle who fought in Vietnam, my dad who fought in the Cold War and was active duty during the First Gulf War, and numerous friends and other family members who have chosen to serve our country in the military.

Despite where I might fall on the political spectrum, I often lack the words to describe how I feel about the military. Case in point: I’ve been sitting here for nearly 45 minutes, trying to figure out an eloquent way to express gratitude for veterans everywhere.

Back in elementary school, when kids would ask “What does your dad do?” I would answer, “He’s in the Air Force.”

“Okay, but what does he do?”

I never really knew how to answer that question. He wore a uniform, he went to the Air Force Base, and he…well…he…Air Forced. When I asked him, he would sometimes reply, “I keep the world safe for democracy.” It became kind of a joke, a throw-away answer, but I really did believe in the sentiment of the answer.

So, Dad, and all veterans and current active duty military members, thanks for keeping the world safe for democracy.

One thought on “Gratitude: Veteran Edition

  1. Air Forced…I love it! I remember a couple of years ago trying to explain to the boys what it meant that Sean worked “on base”…they associated it with a good game of tag.


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