Sometimes I Forget.

I love that I spent five minutes of class arguing with two students over which requiem is superior: Faure’s or Brahms’.

Sometimes I forget how cool my job is.

Oh, and while I have you here:

Contract Negotiations Update.

For the record, the district’s position that they offered us a 4.5% increase in our contract is misleading and erroneous. I didn’t get into teaching for the money, that’s for sure, but the continued lack of respect for what I do (reflected not only in salary and benefits, but also in comments to the press) is infuriating.

One thought on “Sometimes I Forget.

  1. Your work makes me sad. Except for the cool duct tape messaging, caricature drawing, requiem debating, cool part of it.

    Ok, so maybe it's your CONTRACT, or lack thereof, that makes me sad.

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