Mystery Solved

After a conversation today where a couple of co-workers were being particularly randy, I cautioned that if I was to suddenly lose my sense of humor, I could argue harassment*.

“Don’t lose your sense of humor!” said one of my male friends. “It’s the most attractive thing about you!”

He immediately realized how awful it sounded, and commenced all kinds of back-pedaling whilst I thanked him for solving the mystery behind why I can’t seem to get any second dates lately.

I know what he meant, but it didn’t do much for the ol’ self-esteem, y’know?

**I don’t mean to disparage my colleagues; I know when I’m being harassed, and I most definitely am never harassed at work by my friends.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Solved

  1. Sorry 'bout the blow to your ego but you KNOW he just meant, your sense of humour is so incredibly awesome…

    Which it is.

    And not mutually exclusive of all other things attractive.

    I think you solved the mystery on a previous recent post

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