A Simple Request

Will all the parents complaining viciously about President Obama’s address to school children next week please do me a couple favors?

1. Think before you speak.

2. Give me specific examples of the socialist ideology you believe the President will include in a speech focused on setting goals and staying in school.

3. Stop comparing him to Adolph Hitler

4. Get worked up about Channel One advertising to your students EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You’d really rather your children see ads for films containing salacious material, ads emulating promiscuous behavior, ads striving to develop brand loyalty than hear a message from the President of the United States?

And just to be incendiary, because I am livid about this whole issue in the first place (and fairly confident the worst consequence of this blog post is an argument with my sister)–apparently national addresses to school kids worked, because if I do the math, most of these parents were probably in school when Reagan and Bush 1 did THE EXACT SAME THING.

Perhaps after Tuesday when I read the transcript, after some of the vitriol has burned out, after I no longer have a headache from caffeine withdrawal, I’ll be able to craft a more eloquent and balanced post.

Until then, please oblige.

5 thoughts on “A Simple Request

  1. The hypocrisy of those getting their panties in a righteously indignant twist over this is astounding.

    And pathetic.

    And sad.

    As my friend Stephanie said, the whole “respecting the office of President” everyone was on their high horse about when Bush was in office counts even when there is a Democrat in power. A democrat who wants to tell kids to stay in school and contribute to their communities. OH THE HORROR.

    It is the most nauseating display of willful ignorance, rabid close mindedness and flat out stupidity I can imagine. For real??? ARE YOU PEOPLE FOR REAL????

    Seriously people, your desperate attempts to make our DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT look bad (to your CHILDREN!!!), your *insane*, unfounded conspiracy theories, and your hate/fear-fueled irrationality is the most un-American thing I can imagine.

    And did I mention hypocritical??

    Remember the backlash when the Dixie Chicks made a comment about Pres. Bush when he took us all to war under false pretenses??

    How unAmerican they were!! How heinous. BOYCOTT THEM! You can have your opinions but RESPECT THE OFFICE OF THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT!!!

    Remember that? Yeah, I thought not.


    Engage your mind. And maybe your conscience.

    And get a freaking grip.

    Thanks Julie.

  2. i engaged in conversation with one of my facebook friends about this. i never revealed my true leanings – but tried to just listen to his fears. he said he plans to “withdraw” his students during the speech/discussion time so he can educate them his way. he says he can't trust the national education association (i guess he believes they made the lesson plans) – i wonder if he realizes that means he can't trust all the people teaching his kids. no wonder people are such fans of private ed/home school. anyway, i just have to say i'm glad the speech is being given during my prep period – my only complaint was having a day's notice that we'd lose 20 minutes of 2nd period – that can really throw a wrench in lesson plans.

    by the way, i worry about a society that is so distrustful of its leaders – president as well as teachers. fear mongering is very dangerous – and if it's justified then action should be taken – not a lot of complaining and talk. we need more trust – not less.

  3. Kirsty–I figured you'd have a strong opinion about this. 🙂

    Sarah–I think what bothers me the most is the blatant fear-mongering. You make an excellent point about trust.

  4. Am I the sister? Because I just don't have the energy or opinion to care about this issue right now. My kids will watch it, I'll watch it, and if by some freak chance he says something that encourages my kids to explore alternative lifestyles or join Reverend Wright's church, THEN we will correct at home. Just as I had to correct in Texas when school kids tried to inform my son that it was ok to pick on people that are different. Just as I will when sex ed comes into play (which will be sooner than I like to think).

    Although just to be a turd, might I remind everyone of the “how many days till Bush is out of office” countdowns and calendars and bumper stickers etc etc etc those of us whose husbands served in the military under that CINC had to ignore and still do the job, because he was in the exact same office Obama is in now? Not to mention the major motion picture, the marches, the hate speech towards him that was everywhere.

    I didn't agree with everything Bush did, and I sure as heck don't agree with everything Obama is doing, and I think anyone who votes for a president and never questions just ONE of the things they do is as smart as a lemming. BUT, I think it is fine for the President to encourage kids to stay in school, set goals and crap like that. The school principal just told the kids that 2 weeks ago, and we needed to sign no permission slip for that.

    That is all. Peace out.

  5. I love you lady!! I love your thinking… I'm NOT political at ALL, but this has really bothered me… that people have their panties in a bundle about this speech. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

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