The First Week

I’m almost afraid to write this, because it’s sure to jinx it, but I am really enjoying my classes!

Last year was so tough–learning a new curriculum was the easy part. The kids tested and wore out every single one of my nerves.

But so far, this year’s kids are super-sweet. I’ve learned all their names (except there is one student that I can’t for the life of me remember seeing in class for several days now, which means he’s skipping, and I haven’t been marking him absent).

One thing that is really helping me connect with the kids this year is an assignment that a teacher shared on a social networking site just for English teachers: assign the parents to write an essay about their students.

As the parents have been emailing me their essays, I get to be reminded that my students are loved. I learn of their talents and dreams, and in some cases, I learn of their challenges and how their parents worry.

It’s been so fun to read these essays, and I wish more of the parents would do them. But I’m glad for the ones that I get.

And I’m glad tomorrow is Friday.

One thought on “The First Week

  1. maybe i should get on that site! how do you “assign” the essays? i may be able to squish that into my curriculum – i get kids on monday and am still finalizing lesson plans. i wonder if the kids are sweeter because you see them as being loved – perspective is powerful – i need a good positive dose of it. all week i've been praying for and reminding myself that miracles happen.

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