When my sister is in town, I tend to neglect pretty much everything that can stand to be neglected so I can spend a ton of time with her and her kids. She made sure that I spent more than the usual amount of time with her when she came down with labrynthitis. I got to take her to Nebraska’s worst ER, and because everyone was wary of her driving back to Florida solo, I went along.

She was feeling better by the time we left and drove the whole way, but I’m still glad I went with her. Even though it meant very little sleep over a three day period. I made up for that by sleeping 16 hours straight Sunday to Monday.

And when I woke up, it was August.

So I start going in to school tomorrow to make sense of my classroom and my new schedule and write tests and quizzes and lesson plans. Teacher meetings start Friday, and we get students next Wednesday.

But at least I got to hit the beach for 10 minutes before I go back to school.

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