I’ve heard that a basic tenet of magician gospel is the principle of misdirection. Basically, you make your audience forget what they should focus on while you make something disappear, or complete some type of switcheroo. In a magician’s world, misdirection is your friend. In a teacher’s world, it is not.

I did really well on Monday, rewriting lesson plans and sketching out first quarter for my regular English classes. Tuesday was tied up playing with nieces and the nephew, followed by responsibilities at Film Streams. Wednesday I went golfing (too traumatized to talk about it just yet), out to lunch with friends, then to a church meeting. Not a whole lot of time to work on lessons. But I knew I had today.

Absolutely nothing on the calendar for this fine Thursday. At least, until my church meeting last night revealed some basic items to be taken care of, but I was done by 1 PM. Time to start lesson plans, then, right?

Except I fell victim to misdirection: this is something that I really want to use in my classroom (scroll to the 2nd video). So I set about building an LED pen. Except that no one sells the battery holder that I want to use. And I can’t quite drill a hole in a hollowed out highlighter. And there’s that minor detail that I have no engineering experience whatsoever.

And now it’s 4:39 PM, my card table is a mess of plastic pen shavings, wrappers from equipment, toolbox, various blades, my brain hurts, I’m tired, and I haven’t written a single lesson plan.

On the bright side, it’s not yet 5 PM, and I can stop focusing on a fun gadget that may or may not be useful in my classroom and instead finish planning 1st quarter.

Oh, and I’ll be buying the LED pen, not making it.

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