I’m just not really digging this summer all that much, but I’m trying. And one way to make a summer memorable is to do things that are a little out of the comfort zone. Which is really why I agreed to do Relay for Life, and why, when my friend Shannon put out an APB for a Girls’ Night Out to a sushi place, I said, “sure!”

I do love food, but I love my favorite foods. When I go to restaurants, I usually get the exact same thing every time. I think the philosophy is that if I’m paying for it, I want to like it. I don’t want to pay for something that is disgusting. And I’ve never had REAL sushi before, so you can imagine my trepidation in actually paying for something that many many people find disgusting.

But it was delicious and wonderful, and even though I had to bail early to catch a movie (documentary about yoga…meh…) I wished I could have stayed longer and kept ordering different kinds of sushi. I dreamt about that sushi last night. It was so, so, so, so yummy.

The best part is that the sushi restaurant has a little lounge area, where from 4:30- 6:30 on Mon-Fri is happy hour, with half price sushi. I’m pretty sure the sushi is still fresh, not like marked-down-day-old sushi. Maybe I should check. Regardless, I’ll be going back.

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  1. I totally agree! This is our favorite place to eat! We've only actually made it there a couple of times, but we love it. My favorite are the two “crunchy” rolls and the stuffed mushroom appetizer. We try to satisfy our cravings with the sushi trays at Hy-vee (a much more kid-friendly destination), but it's no where close to the experience at Blue!

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