Come to the Relay!!!

Faithful readers know that I’ve been fundraising for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Thanks to my great friends and family, I met my personal goal, and our team very well might end up raising $5000 by the time the event is over. This may not seem like very much in terms of fundraising, but we formed our team in April, so we are pretty proud of ourselves!

Well, the Relay is Saturday. In two days. For those who may not know how these events work, let me enlighten you:

At 7 PM, the Relay starts. At 7 AM, the Relay ends.

I’m a little nervous about staying awake as long as my team will need me to, but I am pretty sure adrenaline will be fueling the evening. Morning. Whatever.

At any rate, here’s the important info, for my Omaha peeps: COME TO THE RELAY!!!! Come see what it is about! Cheer us on! It starts Saturday at 7 PM at Plattsmouth High School. There will be games, music, food, fun…and if nothing else, come out around 9:30 so you are there for the traditional Luminaria ceremony.

For my ’round-the-world peeps: I’m taking off my privacy option on Twitter for the duration of the Relay. If you’re on Twitter, follow me at (And if you’d like to follow me regularly, just ask!)

I will send a couple of updates to the ol’ blog, but Twitter is a bit easier in terms of updates.

Hope to see some of you there. Because what else would you do at 3 AM on Saturday night? Sunday morning? Whatever. COME TO THE RELAY!!!

One thought on “Come to the Relay!!!

  1. Ugh I wish I were there! Have a great time. Be prepared to bawl your eyes out during the luminaria ceremony and memory lap. I'm glad you left your comfort zone…look how much you accomplished!

    Good Luck! Love you!

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