Finding Joy in the Journey

I spent many hours on my couch today, not doing anything, despite the disaster state of my apartment. One of the many shows I watched was the pilot for Glee. You can watch it for free on Hulu–and I totally think that you should–but I put my favorite part here. I bet it’ll be my sister Jennie’s favorite part as well.*** It makes me smile every time I watch it.

***Jennie hates, HATES! Journey. I know, how is that possible, right?

3 thoughts on “Finding Joy in the Journey

  1. Well now you just gave away the ending!!! 😀

    I totally intended to watch it. I will have to avail myself of hulu (which btw I am depending on to provide me my Real Housewives fix since I only have basic cable-aaaaaaaarrrrgh!-Such a good thing really)

  2. You must keep this post in your sidebar so I may watch it whenever I need to without having to go to Hulu and finding the episode and fastforwarding to said place in episode to enjoy the wonder that is Journey done RussellAyres-style.

    Oh you have made my month. Jennie needs to stop stop believin!

  3. I’m TOTALLY sold on that show… I just stayed up WAY past my bedtime watching you’re post… LOVED IT!!

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