If You’re Looking For A New Insult…

Student #1: Ms. Rowse, how far do we have to read tonight?

Student #2: She just answered that, you dipstick!

Student #1: I am NOT a car part, you airbag.

I still have many thoughts swirling around in my brain, accompanied by absolute panic that all the tasks in front of me will never be finished.

Tonight during dinner, I read 2nd Nephi, Chapter 2, verse 11 and was reminded that the panic I feel will soon be replaced by peace, that the fatigue I feel will soon be replaced by rest, and that the sadness I feel is continually balanced with small moments like the aforementioned exchange between my students. I usually believe that things can always get worse before they get better, but right now, I am willing myself to believe the opposite.

After all, only 17 more school days…

4 thoughts on “If You’re Looking For A New Insult…

  1. Kirsty–I know, I know…the work always gets done. Thanks for the reminder! Can’t wait to see you, too!

    Jenn–last day with kids is May 20. Last contract day is May 21. It’s the only perk to not getting a spring break.

  2. Nice. We get out around that time too…I think last day with kiddos is 21st and last contract day is 22nd. 🙂 CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!

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