It’s no secret that my life has been crazy in recent weeks, yet when people ask me how I’m doing, I smile (albeit a bit weakly) and say, “I’m great!”

Because that’s what we do, right?

We might ask each other how we’re doing, but do we ever really want to know the answer?

It’s interesting that we all tacitly agree to wear a mask.

4 thoughts on “Masking

  1. Seriously J we really do. I have been really good at hiding all my feelings and emotions. In fact I took a online test to see if I am depressed, and guess what? Since I answered 6 of the 10 answers with a yes…I may be suffering….seriously. Let me know if you need to vent. I would love to listen. To quote you my friend, I love your guts!

  2. The sad thing about that poem is how true it is, and the poet has been dead over a century! So why have we not as a human race figured out how NOT to pretend things are something other than they are?I was just talking to another fantastic sister of mine today about how our culture almost forces us into depression because we have these unrealistic ideals with which we all measure our happiness.I’d much rather wear a rocking belt that makes me look 10 lbs lighter than a mask. Even if I am too lazy to put makeup on.I’m truly loving poetry month on your blog…I hope things get better for you! (30 days not counting weekends, right?!?)

  3. Ok…last comment makes NO sense, but it kind of flows like one of those freaky-deaky poems that no one but the poet can follow, so in honor of poetry month, I shorn’t delete it.What part of shorn’t don’t you understand?! 🙂

  4. Amy–we need to have a phone date, stat! Have any time this weekend?Deanne–I totally understood your first comment. Hm. Good or bad thing? And yes. 30 days not counting weekends. Five Mondays.

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