Pride and Bragging

So often, pride and bragging are seen as negative attributes, and most of the time i really do agree. But at this moment, I find myself absolutely BURSTING and if I don’t share, I think I might really explode.

Back in my speech coaching days, I taught and coached many, many talented students. Most of them have moved beyond the performing arts, which is not at all a criticism, as they are finding a new successful niche in which their speaking skills are an asset. I’m equally proud of each of them. However, I was particularly worried about one student, T.

T felt like he didn’t have the most solid of support systems while he was in high school, and even though he became a lovely actor and had a gorgeous voice, I was worried about his post-high school plans. He settled on a small liberal arts college in the Midwest, in a city with a decent performing arts circle. He’s taken advantage of those opportunities in his city, but always had his sights on something bigger.

He called today to tell me that something bigger is happening this summer. He’s been accepted to this. And just like last year, he thanked me (so humbling, because I really feel like I didn’t do a whole lot, despite his insistence that I did).

I’m just oh, so very proud of him. And I just had to tell someone. So thanks for letting me brag for a minute.

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