My Armies

When I started teaching piano lessons during grad school, part of my objective was to raise a piano army for my church. It seemed to me that wherever I lived, I was no longer one more person who could play the piano; I was the ONLY person who could play the piano.

So for my students (who have always been LDS), part of the curriculum is to learn how to play hymns. Because one day, my pre-arthritic hands are going to give out, and I won’t be able to play anymore.

I read this story this morning, and was soooo glad to know that I’m not the only one who is concerned about the dearth of pianists.

Next step is to raise an army of organists. Which I am working on.


  1. i’m ashamed to say i’m not doing my part. AND i shy away from playing organ myself. that’s a fear and challenge i need to face. but living in utah (land of pianists)and in a talented singles ward to boot! there’s not so much need for me. i need to move to nebraska. or provo.



  2. Two of your army (Benj and Gabe) played at their school talent show yesterday and were by far one (two) of the most superior acts.(And not just according to their biased mother) You have started a great legacy 😀



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