Playing Hooky

I have so. much. grading.

And so many other demands on my time, that I go to bed feeling harried and wake up feeling panicked.

But when 3:30 rolled around and the building was a ghost town (Girls’ State Basketball) and the sun was shining and my 4:00 meeting got canceled, I decided to leave the hours upon hours of work, drive around in the 65 degree weather, and spend some time with my sister.

I held the new baby, and tickled the old baby, drove with the windows down and listened to summery music.

After dinner, I went to work.

For two hours.

And I brought five hours of work with me.

But on the way home, I called a friend, and talked to her for an hour and a half. And at 9:30, when we finally said goodbye, instead of diving into work, I watched The Office, and 30 Rock, and as soon as the sports highlights are over, I’ll go to bed.

And I feel not quite as harried or panicked. Sometimes, a little hooky is a good idea.

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