Teacher Appreciation Day

This week, in the great state of Nebraska, is Teacher Appreciation Week. Each district usually selects one day to recognize teachers, and today was the day our district chose.

The theme this year was The Oscars, so as we arrived at the luncheon the PTA organized for us, there was a red carpet and our principal handed us an envelope of swag (mostly coupons for local restaurants).

Every day, I write the day’s plan on the board, including homework for my students. Today, their only homework was to tell a teacher “thank you.” It didn’t have to be me, it could be anyone. It wasn’t until 4th hour that my students (even if it was at my suggestion and a little over the top) thanked me, applauded me, one even tried to hug me. That was a little awkward.

It was my 5th hour class, though, that surprised me the most. This is a group of kids that I often yell at for talking too much. A group of kids that I am routinely exasperated with. One of these kids is so shy, so quiet, that it took him almost a full quarter to look me in the eye. And when he doesn’t meet my expectations, he doesn’t respond to my prodding and looks straight ahead.

It was this kid, who not long after I started class, stood up and started clapping. His buddy in class quickly followed, as did the others. It wasn’t quite this scene (at the 3:10 mark), inasmuch as I’m sure my ovation was planned, but it was still awfully sweet.

Kinda takes the edge off the daily stress, moments like that do.

4 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Day

  1. i had another thought about this post last night but now all i can remember is that robin williams looks really young in that movie. in fact, the kids actually look like kids – i wonder if hollywood’s forgotten to keep it real in those teen movies these days. it seems teens are more like young adults. but those boys actually had zits and stuff! and were scrawny. i think i should watch the entire movie over again.

  2. How awesome. I wonder if it’s Teacher Appreciation Week in my District…oh wait, they don’t appreciate teachers in my district.I’m so glad that you got recognized by your “hard” class. I would love just once for that class to do something like that for me. (my hard class not yours).

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