Perspective, Stress.

Peruse recent blog posts, and you might surmise that the past couple of weeks have been a little rough. And even though this week is a short week, I still managed to leave school today feeling so behind in everything.

Felt that way yesterday, too.

And as I was driving to my Wednesday piano lesson, listening to NPR dissect the perceived failures of the Obama presidency after 22 days in office, my thoughts drifted from my own laundry list to President Obama’s.

Support stimulus bill–check.

Finish staffing cabinet–oops. Working on it.

Be nice to angry Congressmen/women and senators–check.

Suffer through interviews from major news outlets who each ask the exact same questions–check.

Worry about millions of Americans here and abroad, for various reasons, knowing there’s actually quite little he can do about it–check.

Does he get to spend time with his family? Work out? Watch Lost?

Suddenly, the 135 vocab quizzes and the 60 poorly constructed Works Cited pages I have to grade don’t seem so a)important or b)insurmountable.

Perspective…chew on this quote, attributed to Albert Einstein:

“When you look at yourself from a universal standpoint, something inside always reminds or informs you there are bigger and better things to worry about.”

3 thoughts on “Perspective, Stress.

  1. I feel so sorry for him. He has the worst job in the world right now. He looks quite tired. I hope things ease up soon. McCain would not have survived (literally) he really should feel grateful that he lost.Hope things ease up for you too xo

  2. You two are right. He does look tired and I think he is doing a fine job given the state of things. And looking at my own laudry list of things I can see how nothing gets done. It must be like living with kids being the president. Having to tell people over and over again to do something and for some reason they just don’t listen!I also want to use that quote for my lesson on Sunday!!!

  3. Kirsty–he does look so tired, but with that job, I don’t think things ease up ever. I don’t understand why people want to be president…Tiff–glad you liked the quote! Totally use it in your lesson!

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