Love It or Hate It?

The high school choir concert is next week, and back in August the director asked if I’d help out with accompanying. He has a Mack Wilberg arrangement of “I Saw Three Ships” that requires four hands to play. It’s gorgeous, and hard, and I always feel a sense of great accomplishment when I actually pull it off.

Today, the full-time accompanist for the choir–a good friend of mine–and I got together to practice before rehearsing with the choir. I waited for her, and she rushed in saying, “You know, I can’t decide whether I love Christmas or hate it. I hardly know whether I’m coming or going, and anymore I just throw up the tree and rush off to the next thing. Does anyone stop and just look at their tree?”

Of course, I told her how much I hate this time of year, but I’m convinced I have post-traumatic stress when it comes to Christmas, so I’m not a reliable source. But I’m still trying to find something redeeming about the next two weeks. A couple of choir concerts, Secret Santa, Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, holiday baking…I’m doing it all, and even doing most of it with a smile on my face.

And I think I will take a couple minutes each night, plug in the tree lights, and just look at it. It’s totally a Charlie Brown tree, but it’s something.

2 thoughts on “Love It or Hate It?

  1. I’m pretty Grinchy this time of year myself…but I put on a smile (with gritted teeth). The only holiday-ish stuff I have to do still is a departmental gift exchange, work holiday party and Breakfast with Santa…our Activity Day “Christmas” activity is already done. YAY!p.s. Don’t even have a tree put up to gaze at either. Yep, that’s me Ms. Grinch!

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