Yeah. About That.

So Thursday came and went and I didn’t post.

Then Friday did the same thing, and I didn’t post.

And now it’s Saturday, and I have officially entered the Holiday doldrums that affect me every year. Which makes me cynical, and reluctant to find anything to be grateful for at all. Because really, haven’t I been grateful enough the past two weeks? Can I please just be cranky until March? Forget it–I’m not even asking permission. I’m just gonna be cranky. How’s that for abuse of agency?

I’m still forcing myself to do things that I don’t necessarily want to do, like, you know, be social and what not. So kindly wait a couple of days before calling in the men with butterfly nets. Maybe I”ll pull out of it a little early this year. Although, I doubt it.

Oh, and I saw Twilight today, and it was fine, if you like gooey high school romance kind of movies. Although I prefer my unrealistic expectations to be formed by characters like Lloyd Dobler from “Say Anything” and Keith from “Some Kind of Wonderful.” Neither Lloyd nor Keith would ever have to convince themselves to not destroy me or turn me into a vampire.

I think I need Kirsty’s lamp to get me through the next two months.

4 thoughts on “Yeah. About That.

  1. Keith is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“Well, I like art, I work in a gas station, my best friend is a tomboy. These things don’t fly too well in the American high school.”and my favorite“You look good wearing my future.” Ah the 80″s when life was good, ok well maybe not that good, but the movies were good!

  2. Do it. I have been camping out by mine for the past few days. Or really, I would be drooling under my covers peeking out occasionally only to watch reruns of the Real Housewives of…name your decadent city.

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