Grateful, but…

I missed posting yesterday, because I was crazy busy all day long. Well, that’s not entirely true…I did have time to watch a football game. But even then, I was doing my laundry. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what I am grateful for, but there’s nothing spectacular jumping out at me.

Sure, there’s the fact that my basic needs are met. I’m grateful that I have jobs that I love. I’m grateful that I have friends who drag me to social events, even if I’m not feeling social when they ask. I’m grateful that I FINALLY heard from the editor of the book that I’ll be published in, letting me know that the book isn’t due to the publisher until June 2009. It had been so long since I’d heard from her, that I wasn’t sure the book was still a go. It is; I will still be published in an academic anthology.

But when I sat down and opened the Sunday paper at breakfast this morning, the front page of the Arts section made me a little melancholy, and it’s been a fight all day to not give in to the emotion. I’ve done quite a bit–church, choir practice, took the niece and nephew to a Gingerbread House display, cooked dinner, made a dessert to share with friends tonight…but I’m here with about an hour of downtime, and I can feel the fight in me dwindling a little bit.

But I need to do the dishes, and make sure I’m ready for tomorrow so I can enjoy my time with friends tonight, and practice the piano a little bit, and by the time I get home, it will be time for bed, and when I wake up tomorrow, perhaps the feeling of melancholy will have faded a bit.

And I guess that’s something to be grateful for: a busy Sunday, an evening with friends, a good night’s sleep, and work waiting for me in the morning. Things will look much better then, I am sure.

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