I Can Do Hard Things.

I remember the first time I went to the movies by myself. I was so uncomfortable. I thought I was crazy for thinking it was a good idea. But I stayed, and tried it again, and it got easier. Now I don’t even think twice about going to movies by myself, I’ve been doing it for so long. In fact, when I go to movies with people, I start to feel a little uncomfortable.

When I moved to Ohio, it quickly became clear that I hadn’t thought through all the ramifications. I had never moved somewhere all by myself. I didn’t know ANYONE. So I went to church functions. By myself. And it was uncomfortable at first, but I ended up forging some of my most cherished friendships ever.

Tonight, I went to a dinner group. I knew no one. I went by myself. During the 20 minute drive, I was still on the fence about going. I could always turn around. But then I thought about going to the movies, and my time in Ohio, and I remembered what my good friend Sarah has said many times: “I can do hard things.” So to the dinner I went.

And I had a great time.

So today, I am grateful that during my life, I have learned to take risks. Risks in many different forms–making friends, changing careers, falling in love. I can do hard things. And I know I can.

4 thoughts on “I Can Do Hard Things.

  1. I daresay some of your best posts ever have been in the past two weeks.There is a Life is Good t-shirt I want that says something like “there are always flowers for those who want to see them”. So true.

  2. when i read the headline i smiled and thought “i like to say that too!” then when i saw that you were quoting “sarah” i thought – hey i think that’s me! unless you have other sarah friends. thanks! and thanks for the reminder. life is full of hard things. i went vt last night and we had a great discussion about hope. there’s a scripture about how eye hath not seen what god has in store for you (close enough) – and i think your post is testimony of that. glad it was worth it!

  3. Deanne–I need to get me one of those shirts.Sherpa–You’re welcome! And I’m glad you like the post.Sarah–yes indeed, you are THE Sarah. 🙂

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