Sick Day

Today, even though I’ve been home sick, there is still plenty to be grateful for…

1. Substitute teachers. Sometimes I think the best cure for illness is to sleep in and stay in bed. Couldn’t do that without substitute teachers.

2. My mom, who willingly picked up extra chicken soup and yogurt for me, so I wouldn’t have to go outside.

3. My sister, who last night gave me some yummy pumpkin dessert AND a couple of seasons of Wings AND Get Smart. The DVDs aren’t mine to keep, but they’ve been great to have on a sick day.

And in other news…I’m now an official permablogger at this site, a venture that two of my friends from grad school created. My first official post is here.

I suppose I can be grateful for this opportunity as well, since I’ll be blogging there once a week (ACK! PRESSURE!). It’ll be good for me, though.

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