Election Day Treats

**My dear brother-in-law waited 2 hours to vote yesterday, to make sure he’d be able to vote.

**When my niece got sick this morning, Nana sat with her at home so my sister could go vote.

**My BFF called me while standing in line to vote to tell me he and his wife had just learned the sex of their baby. (Not my place to shout it from the rooftops, but it made my day)

**I couldn’t vote until after 6 PM, but it only took 15 minutes.

**So many of my students have been asking me for at least a week who I was going to vote for. Love that they are interested enough to ask. I never told them.

**Finally getting home tonight, checking my blogs, and finding this. Having engaged in heated political discussions in which I felt I was not being heard, this blog post perfectly articulated what I’ve been unable to verbalize.

The only down side? I haven’t met any geeky political types to watch returns with here…but I’m keeping connected with my BG peeps via Gchat. Thanks, Google!

4 thoughts on “Election Day Treats

  1. I didn’t tell my students either. I told them I voted and when they would ask I would say “The best thing about this country is that I have the right not to tell you that.”Hope you have a great day today!

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