My Day Off

Wednesday night, I decided that I was not going to go in on Saturday and work for 3-5 hours, as has become my custom.

“I deserve a day off! Entirely off! No schoolwork whatsoever!” I told myself, as I stumbled into bed around 9:45 Wednesday night, determined to be at school at 6 AM to get a head start on the mountain of work on my desk.

At 7:45 Thursday morning, after 90 minutes of work and nary a dent to be seen, I resolved to return that evening after piano lessons and work until the work was done.

At 8:00 Thursday evening, I was pretty much done, so I headed home and fell into bed, happy that Saturday would be relaxing.

Except Saturday hasn’t been relaxing. Sure, I got to sleep in until 8:30. But then the panic sent in:
Go to Penney’s
Go to Lowe’s
Go to Kohl’s
(Do I shop too much?)
Clean more
Roast a chicken
Wash and vacuum car
Watch BYU game
(Go Cougs!)
Do laundry

And throughout the entire day, all I could think about was:
115 Huck Finn worksheets to grade
22 Vocab sentences to grade
12 chapters in Huck Finn to read
60 pages in Gatsby to read
1 Huck Finn quiz to write
Why am I making my kids read Huck Finn, anyway?
Do I have enough planned for next week?

I think it might be better for my mental health to work on Saturdays.

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