Famous Tennis

My nephew has been BEGGING me for MONTHS to take him to play tennis. And for many, many reasons, I kept delaying it, until today. I told him last Sunday that if his room was so clean that his mother could vacuum, then I would take him to play tennis.

It worked.

So today we headed down to the local city park, where there are two tennis courts, and started to play.

Three other people were playing on the other court, and thanks to the wind, my nephew’s beginner status, and his left-handedness, many serves and returns landed in the other court. Every time, our tennis neighbors were very gracious, despite my pleas to my nephew to try not to hook every return into the other court.

Eventually, one of their serves landed in our court, and my nephew threw it back to them. This nice man said, “Great throw! Are you left-handed?” And my nephew just nodded. Hearing the man’s voice, I finally realized who was playing tennis “with” us! One of my fave Omaha newscasters!

I loved this for a couple of reasons–I never see Omaha “celebs” around town. But mostly, I loved it because he is down-to-earth enough to be playing tennis at a city park. Where (obviously) just anyone can drop in. It reaffirmed my choice in news outlets.

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