What I Cooked or Baked This Weekend

1. Chili from scratch for the first time ever. I will never again buy a mix to make chili.

2. Coconut Brownies that used a prune puree, so I feel less guilty about eating them.

3. The niece came over again and we made Chocolate Chip Cookies. To surprise my nephew, we also made his favorite: Snickerdoodles.

4. Potato Casserole, aka Funeral Potatoes. I have a crazy week, so stockpiling leftovers is a survival tactic.

5. Pasta Salad. I am tired of eating the same thing for lunch, so I made a nice pasta salad to shake things up.

Next big projects: I am making lasagna and my dark chocolate cheesecake for a friend’s birthday dinner Friday night.

I think this is the most time I’ve spent in the kitchen in one weekend since Christmas.

4 thoughts on “What I Cooked or Baked This Weekend

  1. Thanks for sharing the cookies again. SOOOO yummy. And to quote “Yo Gabba Gabba” (as Lauren did today after taking the sacrament) “there’s a party in my tummy! It’s so yummy, so yummy!” That girl is crazy. 🙂

  2. i want to bake. all i did to stockpile my leftovers/lunches was to buy a large pizza from costco. i cooked it and wrapped the leftovers in plastic wrap. but you’ll be jealous to hear that this is a 3 day week for me – hooray for uea!!!

  3. YOU are impressive. I got tired of standing in the kitchen just reading your post. Very clever survival tactic – you’re so smart. I was surprised at your review of Catcher, but I’m afraid I still do not feel compelled to read it … again. Do you think I should?

  4. I want the receipt for the coconut brownies! Were they are yummy as they sound? (I need someone new to move into the ward to share my yummies with…and who wants to share hers with me 😉

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