15 Minutes.

Confession: for all my love of politics and being informed, the debates drive me crazy. I’d almost rather read the post-mortems and make my judgments that way. The craziness came to a head last April with the LUDICROUS Democratic debate hosted by Charles Gibson and George Snufflelufagus. But, because I want to be responsible, I start every debate in front of my television, vowing to last longer than the previous debate.

See, when the candidates start to get off topic and say things that infuriate me, I feel like throwing things at them. Problem is, I’d end up damaging my television, not the candidates. This is why I haven’t watched a State of the Union address in 5 years.

So here I am, almost enjoying the VP debate, and then, at the 15 minute mark, Sarah Palin says this: “I may not answer the questions the way the moderator or you wanna hear, but I’m gonna talk straight to the American people and let ’em know my track record as well.”

I don’t know if it was her quasi-Minnesota accent (do Alaksans really have accents like that?) or her refusal to answer a fairly straightforward question (although neither of them answered Gwen Ifill’s second question), but the glibness of her comment was the last straw.

Well, I made it 5 minutes longer than the last debate I watched…

6 thoughts on “15 Minutes.

  1. dona and i just turned the tv off after palin claimed that she and joe were making lame jokes when they said they didn’t know what the vp does or want to be vp. i’m being her for halloween – i need to work on the accent and i still need glasses!

  2. I guess the question is then…how’s your TV set? Is it still working? 🙂 Ahh…I remember how much you loved politics back in the day…such memories.

  3. As an Alaskan let me just say…that I don’t know anyone with Palin’s accent! You made it further than me in the debate – I just don’t even turn on the tv.

  4. I only made it to that second question then had to turn it off. I was at a PTO meeting and then went out after to start may run and the next Mayor of BG! I have it on DVR so I might still watch the rest of it. Don’t forget Richter for Mayor!

  5. You should’ve been here. Cindy, Aaron and I watched them together. There was throwing of popcorn. Check your email for the flow chart of the debate. And anyone else who wants to die laughing should toohttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/10/03/sarah-palin-debate-flowch_n_131607.htmlThat woman makes me absofreakinglutely apoplectic. I simply cannot believe she is happening.I thought Biden was pretty brilliant given the impossible situation he was put into. And his restraint in the face of that patronizing smile/wink/talkin’crap combo..remarkable.

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