The Week in Review

It’s Homecoming Week on the prairie, and the school has been all a-flutter with dress-up days and dance preparation. Monday was Storybook Character Day, and as a department, we dressed up like characters from The Wizard of Oz. I was the Wicked Witch of the West…I meant to take a pic, but didn’t, and the pics that were taken haven’t made it to me yet.

Tuesday was Urkel Day…yeah…and then today was Grandparents Day. So there were slippers and housecoats a-plenty. But my favorite costume? A fave student from when I was coaching speech dressed up as Sarah Palin.

Get it? Get it? I thought it was genius.

Tomorrow is Spirit Day–pep rally is tomorrow, since Friday is teacher inservice–and the best thing about Spirit Day? We were allowed to pay $2 to the Homecoming Fund to wear jeans. I’ll pay just about any amount of money to be able to wear jeans to school. It makes me almost happy as movie previews and Diet Coke.

One thought on “The Week in Review

  1. what great spirit days – i’ll have to tell my officers those ideas. as for sarah palin – i totally want to be her for halloween – now i need to find some glasses.and what’s up with no jeans? we can wear them whenever we want. what would the art and computer science department do if they couldn’t wear jeans? what about the p.e. teachers? ours all wear sweats and/or shorts.

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