So Instead…

Today started off good enough, and watching the BYU game was bliss, but then I had a rather frustrating hour looking for green tights. You wouldn’t think that’d be a difficult find, being 45 days shy of Halloween, but I could not find green tights. I was about it get all irritated and lament-y, when I realized I had a choice to NOT get that way. I credit my recent discovery of yoga with tonight’s calm approach to catastrophe.

So, as I was driving back home, sans green tights, I thought, “Okay, I don’t have green tights. So instead, I can just wear all black on Monday (more on that on Monday…).” And I felt better.

I retrieved my mail, quite excited to see the red Netflix envelope containing How I Met Your Mother. Once in my apartment, I opened the envelope, only to discover it is disc THREE, not disc TWO, and I cannot watch out of order!! I felt myself getting pouty, but I remembered my recently-acquired survival skill, and thought, “Okay, so I don’t get to watch How I Met Your Mother. So instead, I can watch the football game or one of my many movies.” And I felt better.

I just hope I remember this skill…I think it might come in handy. When things don’t go right, I’ll think about what I can do instead.

2 thoughts on “So Instead…

  1. Looks like grad school taught you more than you realized.That and the yoga prolly helps.Thanks for the inspiring post:) I feel better about everything I did “instead” today also!

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