Celebrating a Life

I went to Utah with the ‘rents to attend the celebrations of my cousin’s late wife, Liz. I didn’t know Liz very well, but to see the number of people at Saturday’s candlelight vigil and Sunday’s party, I really wish I had known her better. Everyone who spoke on Saturday referenced her enormous capacity to love and serve others, which is why she was going to Guatemala in the first place.

My cousin and his brother-in-law were guests on a KSL radio show, a show that usually focuses on travel, but for 45 minutes on Sunday, focused on humanitarian travel and how important it is. They also spoke of Liz and the other victims of the plane crash, and how much they will be missed. It really is a great interview; I invite you to listen to it: you just might be inspired to do something good.

I know I was.

***The interview starts around 20 minutes in and goes until the end of the first hour.***

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