Olympic Fever

So we’re about halfway through The Games of the Twenty-Ninth Olympiad, and I have tried to keep up with all the coverage, but it’s hard to do! And I don’t even have CNBC, USA, Oxygen, Sci-Fi Channel, or any other members of the NBC-Universal family to keep me in the know. Just TiVo-ing the daytime, prime-time, and middle-of-the-night-time has overwhelmed me.

And speaking of TiVo, it is a mighty fine way to watch the Olympics. I can fast forward through the events I don’t care about (cycling, fencing) and get to the events I want to watch (or ogle…Michael Phelps? Aaron Peirsol? I’m totally single here!) I’m also enjoying Mary Carillo’s reports about China’s culture.

But school has begun, which means getting up no later than 5:45 AM, which means I am either exhausted from staying up late to watch the Olympics, or I go to bed when I should and hear all about the Olympics during the day. It’s a tough call.

But tomorrow is Friday, and I think I can get by with a little less sleep, so I will probably stay up tonight. Gotta have something to talk with the kiddos about…

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