Movie Marathon?

I start teacher meetings on Monday. MONDAY! Who on EARTH starts school so early? I complain a little now, but on May 15, as I leave the school parking lot for the summer, I’ll be quite content.

So in honor of my early start to school, I share this list.

I could really go for several of these in a row, but instead I will go see The Dark Knight tomorrow, and maybe West Side Story on Saturday at Film Streams.

Or maybe I’ll hit up Mean Girls, Ferris Bueller, and Pretty in Pink. Heaven knows it’s too hot to do anything else.

4 thoughts on “Movie Marathon?

  1. The Dark Knight was a good movie…I went last weekend. Christian Bale is H-O-T! Try to enjoy your last few days of freedom…May 15th will be here before you know it.p.s. Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. Enjoy the last few hours! I’m going back with you. When do you get students? We get students on the 11th, but I have trainings and then my contract starts the 6th. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Arbee–Christian Bale was definitely eye candy, but overall, I was unimpressed with the film. And a little disappointed, as a result.Sarah–glad to provide lists. Easy blogging.Jenn–We get kids the 13th, and full staff comes back on the 7th. I just have to go through all the new teacher training. Again.

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